The villa nestles among olive groves in the heart of beautiful Istria. It is often called the “new Tuscany”. Especially in the last couple of years it has evolved into a paradise for gourmets. A special eye-catcher is the medieval city Motovun, which can be seen from the villa and is located only 5km away. In only 20 minutes by car you can reach the coast with its crystal clear water and beautiful, natural beaches.

Here is a brief excerpt from the extensive list of adventures you can experience during your stay in Villa Mulino:

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First of all, Istria is a paradise for truffle lovers with black and the precious white truffles on offer. Istria is where truffles of high quality can be found in great quantities. Due to the large variety of truffle it possible to refine exclusive dishes with white or black truffle in any local restaurant throughout the year.

Istria, the largest peninsula in the Mediterranean, offers crystal clear water and more than 2.400 hours of sunshine per year. You can choose whether you want to relax by the pool at Villa Mulino or go to the beach where you can go swimming, snorkeling or diving. Even if you are up to more adventure, the city Novigrad offers the opportunity to go sailing, surfing, jet skiing or to go by bananaboat.

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The next thing to add is that in Istria wine is not just wine. For many Istrians wine is a necessity and passion and stands for the culture of living. As wine is such a crucial part of the culture of Istria, it is highly recommended to explore the Istrian Wine Roads to enjoy one of the best wines of the world.

As already mentioned, the city Motovun is located nearby Villa Mulino and also above the river valley of Mirna. Not only is it a beautiful medieval city, but also is Motovun known for the Film Festival which takes place every year in July, when famous actors find their way to beautiful Istria. If you are interested in ballon riding, then Istria is the place to go. The microclimate in this region has the impact that going for a ballon ride is possible throughout the year.

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A further particular attraction is the cycleway Parenzana. The Parenzana was a 123km-long narrow-gauge railway line between Trieste and Poreč, which ran from 1902 to 1935 and connected some 35 stations in Istria, in what is now Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. It was used to carry both passengers and freight like olive oil or wine.
You can rent cycling equipment in Motovun and start exploring Parenzana.

One more important aspect related to Istria and especially Istrian cuisine is olive oil. The olives are harvested with caution by hand. They are being pressed the same day using a special technique. Some of the most exclusive olive oils originate from the area around Villa Mulino. In 2014 and 2015 the Bembo olive oil received the “World’s Best Olive Oils” award.

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This is where Villa Mulino is exactly located:

Bartolici, Motovun in Istria

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